Classic Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween – the time of year to scare and be scared! It is with carnival one of the most exciting periods of the year. On this special day you can escape your own life and become someone completely new or someone you always wanted to be. For one night you can be whatever and whoever you want to be. Like every year, however, there is the same question: what do I want to be for Halloween? In case you don’t have any ideas of what figure or creature you want to embody on this special horror night yet, have a look through the wide variety of Halloween costumes on our website. That will definitely help give you a few ideas!

Classical Halloween costumes for adults

Here at we have something for everybody! For the men there is a variety of scary monsters, like vampires, werewolves or zombies; with one of these you will definitely go down a storm at any Halloween party. Or maybe you’d prefer the hero figure, such as batman, superman or a knight in order to protect the women from the dark night? If you are still looking for ideas for the next Halloween party, then you are exactly right place on our homepage!
For women there are, of course, similar Halloween costumes to the men’s ones. Why not go as the same creature as your partner this year and scare the people in the Halloween night as a creepy vampire or zombie couple? If you would, however, rather go it alone, feel free to flick through the great variety and mixture of different Halloween costumes we offer. There you can find anything, from typical Halloween costumes like witches, pumpkins or skeletons to all sorts of animals, fairies and fairy tale figures. For those who likes it a bit more revealing, Halloween is the right place and time to be able to finally appear in a fancy dress as a sexy nurse, princess or policewoman.

Halloween Costume Accessories

For everybody, who wants to make the most out of their Halloween costume, we also offer a big mixture of costumes accessories for the fancy dress. With the help of certain tools or accessories such as fake blood a normal costume easily becomes one that is suitable for Halloween. That is especially helpful if you already have a couple of costumes from the last years or you simply want to try something new this year.

Halloween costumes DIY

Of course you can make your own Halloween costume and save some money! Turning an old blanket into a ghost costume by cutting out eye and mouth holes is an all-time classic. Even a scarecrow costume is quick and easy to make. All you need are an old shirt and an old pair of trousers. Cut the sleeves and trouser legs to make the hems look tattered, attach some straw (or better bast fibres as they are much softer) to the sleeves and trouser legs and you have a great Halloween costume. If you don't have the time or ideas to make your own costume, we can help you out with our great selection of costume accessories and low-priced Halloween costumes.
As always, Halloween comes round quicker than you expect. Therefore it is important that you are ready for one of the scariest and most exciting seasons of the year. Have a look through our Halloween costumes now and get some ideas for this autumn. This way you will definitely be ready for that creepy night when it is time for “Trick or treat!”