Halloween Animatronics & Animated Props

Halloween Animatronics & Animated Props

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Halloween Animatronics & Animated Props

Bring your party to life with our Animatronics

Are you ready to create a Halloween experience so real and terrifying that it looks like the set of a film straight out of Hollywood? It’s actually easier than it seems and with a few Halloween Animatronics and Halloween Props with Light & Sounds you can bring your decorations to life! Animatronics are props that move, light up or make sounds. They are either battery powered or electrically powered so they can continue entertaining or frightening all night. Halloween Props with Light & Sounds are the ultimate way to bring your haunted house to life and either scare or entertain people. Do you really want to scare your guests? Then our selection of Halloween Animatronics is right for you because they are all scary and life-like. Some people may even forget that they are actually props! Do you want an all-out, life size Halloween experience or just a few smaller decorations? No matter what scary scene you are trying to set, Horror-shop.com has the right Halloween Props for you. To get you started we have a few scenes you can create yourself at home.

The Witch’s Coven on Your Doorstep with Halloween Props with Light & Sound

You hear them off in the distance, the cackling, the bubbling of the cauldron, the screeching laughter. As you approach, they turn and look at you, their green eyes glimmer and reflect the bubbles bursting from the potion they are created in their cauldron. This creepy witch’s coven would scare even the most seasoned Halloween party-goers and with a few Halloween Props with Light & Sound you can host the next meeting of the witches right in your very own haunted house or at your next Halloween party.
Do you want the atmosphere to be as realistic as possible? Then make sure to check out some of the larger, life size Halloween Animatronics that move, speak and/or emit light. Make sure that she is accompanied by a few Bump and Go Rats because many of the witch’s potions need live rodents. These motorized rats are controlled by a remote control. If you really want to set the mood of the witch’s coven, this super strobe light is the perfect Halloween Prop with Light & Sound to play when the cauldron starts bubbling.

Hanging Horrors and other scary Halloween Animatronics

Are you tight on space? The best option for you might be to choose from some hanging Halloween Animatronics. These props can be hung from the ceiling, hooks or any other sturdy point in your home or office. It’s a great way to show off Hollywood caliber special effects like wriggling, flying or shaking. This Shaking Execution Victim will make your guests think that they are watching an actual execution! You can even check out the creepy preview video on the product page to get an idea of what level of fright you are in for. There’s nothing better than Halloween Props with Light & Sound that give the appearance of eerie objects flying around overhead, like this large Bat Animatronic . This prop is actually extremely frightening as it will begin beating its wings and shrieking when it hears a loud noise, such as a clap. Maybe your guests aren’t scared by the traditional Halloween horrors? If they don’t have a phobia of bats or witches, they are guaranteed to be frightened by clowns… not happy, smiling clowns, but demonic ones with blood on their faces! This Angel of Death in Life Size will give you nightmares if you open a door and see him swinging there. Plus, his eyes light up when he starts his insane twitching, so watch out!

With these Halloween Props with Light & Sound, who Knows what’s Around the Corner!

If you want your Halloween decorations to be transformed from ordinary to high quality Hollywood movie style frightening scenes, you should consider adding a few Halloween Animatronics and Halloween Props with Light & Sound to your decorations. Your guests will transcend into the darkness this Halloween and will shriek out loud when the zombie ghoul they just walked past starts yelling at them or the lights in the grim reaper’s eyes light up when he comes to hunt them down. Make your haunted house as realistic as possible and be sure to strategically place a few Halloween Animatronics where no one will expect them...