Cream Blend Stick

$ 12.99
  • Alabaster  

Product Details

Cream Blend Stick Makeup is a highly pigmented, refined cream makeup in a convenient ultra-portable stick. Our full coverage creamy formula was developed to withstand the utmost in extreme performance conditions including Broadway's hot stage lights. Cream Blend Stick contains vitamins and antioxidants and is formulated without the petrolatum base often found in traditional, grease paint makeup. Provides the ultimate in coverage and performance. .75 oz (21 g) container with twist dispenser.

Available in colors Ruddy Bronze, Bronzed Tan, Light Cinnamon, Green, Oriental, Monster Gray, Medium Tan, Light Auguste, Juvenile, Light Olive, Medium Light Olive, Medium Olive, Medium Dark Olive, Dark Olive, Light Egyptian, Dark Egyptian, Light Cocoa, Ebony, Ivory Bisque, Light Tan, Soft Peach, Gold, Red, Purple, Tan Glow, White, Black, Alabaster, Sable, Soft Beige, Silver, Blue and Contour I.

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