Paradise Pro

$ 14.99
Gold Metallic
  • Gold Metallic  

Product Details

Semi-soft water activated moist cake makeup. Paradise AQ Makeup includes aloe and chamomile and the enriching emollients glycerin avocado oil and cocoa butter so it is safe and gentle on skin. Paradise AQ Makeup has a richer, more vibrant, color-saturated coverage than ordinary makeup yet it's water-soluble. Easy soap and water removal! Great for body painting with a wide selection of dynamic colors. 1.4 oz size.

Available in colors Gold Metallic, Dark Green, Light Pink, Foxy, Porto, Storm Cloud, Red, Silver, Violet, Dark Pink, Orange, Coral, Mauve, Sky, Purple, Teal, Yellow, Dark Blue, Amazon Green, Beach Berry, Lime, Lagoon Blue, Mango, Black, White, Dark Brown, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Dijon, Deep Sea, Felou, Olive and Wild Orchid.

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