Skeleton Invaders Digital Decor

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Skeleton Invaders Digital Decor
  • Skeleton Invaders Digital Decor  

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Skeleton Invaders Digital Decor includes 25 different effects! Designed to be projected onto a screen covering your front window the videos may also be projected on a movie screen or wall. Created primarily for massive scale illusions using a commercial 4000+ lumen video projector the larger scenes come to life! One hundred Skeletons can be projected onto a building appearing to be crawling up the side! Also includes videos for smaller 1500-2000 lumen projectors--you can project smaller groups of skeletons on interior walls or smaller outdoor walls and garage doors. Additionally, there are several scenes with Skeletons wreaking havoc inside a room, knocking things over, smashing out a window, even attacking a person and knocking him to the floor! Using the included virtual 3D effects versions will give your graveyard set the coolest effect you ever saw-- Using a 4000+ lumen projector you can create a 3D graveyard with skeletons, ghouls, cats, ghosts walking/crawling in the yard or floor, below a 10-20 foot viewing point such as a deck or balcony. [no 3D glasses required]. Smaller scale 3D Skeletons are also included for garage floor-sized areas.

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