Spirits Of Darkness Digital Decor

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Spirits Of Darkness Digital Decor
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Spirits of Darkness Digital Decor - a feature-filled ghostly effects package with 35 scenes giving you a variety of Ghost characters motions and image sizes. Designed to be projected on a screen covering your front window the videos may also be projected on a movie screen or wall. Skeleton ghosts and human ghosts fly float, and walk about the screen in 3D imagery across a variety of black, foggy, room interior, and exterior backgrounds. A spectacular feature of this product is a parade scene of 30 marching Skeleton Ghosts that can be used for outdoor haunts on a rear screen projector placed in a field or woods. Single Ghosts haunt some of the scenes, while large groups of Ghosts float in a cemetery, or walk towards you bringing a magical storm behind them! Spirits of Darkness Digital Dcor offers very wide view scenes and close up scenes to fit all window sizes. Includes select vertical scenes [flipped sideways] for thin windows. A special bonus scene has Skeleton Ghosts walking across a bridge for a Fantasy Dungeon look. Excellent easy decorating for your next Halloween gathering!

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