Alien & Scifi Masks

Alien & Scifi Masks

Alien & Scifi Masks

When it comes to science fiction customization, wearing a mask is a must. Although sci-fi fans claim to have a powerful imagination, they cannot deny that wearing a science fiction mask allows you to lose your identity for a night, becoming one of your favorite fiction characters. Moreover, you are able to do it without those long makeup hours, making the process quick and comfortable. No matter in which type of science fiction you are into, you will find a science fiction mask that fulfill your dreams for your theater, halloween or carnival party. We offer more than 70 different types of masks, which cover all from superhero masks, to aliens masks or even Star Wars masks which represent the most famous charcters in the movie “Star Wars”.

Alien masks the brilliantly-made science fiction masks

As we are talking about science fiction, we couldn’t miss the terrifying aliens. In this category we would like to highlight the Predalien Mask Deluxe (21455), which comes with a double benefit. It will scare to dead anyone that you pass by in the dark, but it will also scare you if you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror when tired. With this scary alien mask we guarantee that you will look like the most dangerous creature from outer space and your friends will never believe their eyes. Definitely there is a clever touch in the alien masks,especially in this They Live Latex Mask that shows a skull of an alien with a pink wide-open brain and the eyeballs swell and bleed. By wearing this alien mask you will catch the eyes of everyone especially the fans of chaotic strip. On the other hand, the aliens world can also have sense of humor like Dr. Cockroach.

Star Wars masks

Our vast selection of Star Wars masks will allow you to complete whatever costume you desire. Characters from the Jedi side such as master Yoda have their masks, Yoda mask made of latex. With this original Star Wars mask be sure that you will fascinate all the people on Halloween, Carnival and other parties and you will look like a real sci-fi eye.
However, if you get along with the dark side, we can also offer Star Wars masks covering iconic figures such as Darth Maul mask and Darth Vader mask which also comes in a child version. Once more, and being true to the humor showed along the whole saga of Star Wars, you are given the chance of becoming a Stormtrooper to fight the brave Jedi Knights!

Complementation of all Science Fiction Masks

Finally, we could not finish a talk about Science Fiction masks without giving a glance to accessories or costumes that can complement your dressing up experience. At last, when thinking about the Star Wars mask and how to complement them, a word automatically crosses the mind, lightsaber. We offer a great variety of them, giving the option to choose between the Jedi side with Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Knight lightsaber and the dark side of the force with the Count Dooku lightsaber.