Animal Masks

Animal Masks

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Animal Masks

Not at the Animal Farm

What’s going on? There are animals all over the place! The pigs are talking, the horses are whispering and the dogs are gossiping… Nope, you haven’t walked into Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, but you have walked into a superb Halloween or Carnival get together, full of awesome animal masks from!
In addition to our usual selection of Halloween and Carnival masks, we have a specific category of animal masks. These masks are all high quality full or partial face covering masks and are guaranteed to instantly transform you into whichever animal character you want. Some of these masks are twisted and scary, others are fun and goofy. We recommend choosing a scary mask for Halloween and a more light-hearted or funny one for Carnival.
Everybody loves animals, and dressing up as a cow, goat or chicken will make a great costume. These costumes are easy to throw together and with the right animal mask you can turn any ordinary costume into an animal one. For example, put on this Pig Mask with a business suit and make the subtle joke that stockbrokers are greedy pigs. With this Chicken Mask you could be an actual, real live chicken-head! The choices of costumes are limitless. Go nuts with it, use your imagination and browse through our huge selection to find what suits you best. We have a few ideas to help you get started.

Goofy Animal Masks

Who says Halloween needs to be scary? Are you going to a Mardi Gras party and need a light-hearted costume? A great place to start would be with some hysterical and goofy animal masks. These are masks meant to depict funny and friendly animals and will turn you into everyone’s favorite at your next fancy dress party. There are tons of animals to choose from and you could be whoever you want: a Elephant, a Bunny or even a relaxed looking Ape. You can go all out and get matching costumes or keep it simple and match it with some of your usual wardrobe to make it look like these animals are just regular humans… or not!

Scary Animal Masks

Maybe you don’t want a frightening costume this Halloween, although it is the tradition to wear a scary outfit. If your heart is leading you towards the path of frightening your friends and family this year, there is nothing more unsettling than a crazy looking animal or possessed zombie animal, is there? This Zombie Bunny Mask seems like it should be cute and cuddly but boy, it is not…
There are lots of other scary animal masks for you to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to leave your onlookers feeling rather unsettled. You could always consider going as the classic Werewolf, but make sure to take a Little Red Riding Hood with you!
Goofy or scary, sweet or rabid, everybody is going to get a kick out of your Halloween or Carnival costume this year, featuring a perfect new animal themed mask. You will impress as much as you turn heads and leave your friends talking about that gruesome demon pig or hilarious and cute rabbit for the rest of the year. Bark, meow, oink or moo, get into an animal mask that’s right for you!