Creepy Grin Mask

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Creepy Grin Mask
  • Creepy Grin Mask  

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The Creepy Grin Latex Face Mask is a swamp-monster looking mask with a huge Wide Evil Smile full of horrific Teeth stretching all the way up to the temples! When the lights go out, the teeth glow in the dark! Perfect effect for a horror movie or haunted house. A mud-like Burned Appearance covers the entire face giving it a creepy undead swamp-like look. The eyes even look as though they are covered, but there are cleverly concealed slits for good vision. Two wide elastic Head straps in the back provide a secure fit. Constructed from a black latex base for excellent depth of color and durability. Add a hooded robe or sweatshirt for a great effect. One size fits most Adults and Teens.

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