Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

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Halloween Masks

Choose the right Mask to accompany your Costume

Halloween is a day about horror, mystery and fright. It is all about the unknown, the unexpected and whatever might be lurking around that corner. We traditionally dress up in costume on Halloween and try to frighten our friends, family and trick-or-treaters. There is absolutely no better way to dive completely into a Halloween costume than with a full or partial face Halloween Mask.
Do you want to hide your face this Halloween or simply take on someone else’s personality for a day? Either way, you will have to browse through our large selection of Halloween Masks to decide what look it is that you are going for! Do you love gore? Then you should check out some of our unbelievably gory and grotesque masks. If gore isn’t your thing, maybe you just want to dress up like a famous character? Then the right choice would be a Halloween Mask that is designed to look like a famous person and instantly transform you into them.
Time and time again, we have seen that latex Horror Masks stand up better than paper or cardboard ones. We want you to be happy with your new Halloween Mask, and it is our responsibility to deliver you a high quality, long-lasting Halloween accessory. For that reason, most of our masks are made from latex or foam latex, and are even hand painted. Are you ready to get started building your Halloween costume from the top down? Then your Halloween experience starts with choosing the right Halloween Masks to accompany your costume, your duo costumes or your group costumes.

Bone-Chilling and Gory Horror Masks

We know that Halloween is meant to be scary, but if you are browsing through our Halloween Masks, we understand that it’s okay to be scared just by looking at them! Seriously though, does this <a href="Ancient Nightmare Mask">https://us.horror-shop.com/collections/masks/products/ancient-nightmaremask</a> not scare you just looking at it? Imagine the fright you would give someone by jumping out from behind a dark corner with that on. This isn’t just a Halloween Mask; it is a Horror Mask and will scare people. We have all sorts of bone-chilling and gory masks to meet your every Halloween need, just let your gruesome imagination run wild and design the creepiest costume possible for this year’s festivities.
Barack Obama isn’t so scary, but pairing this Barackula Mask with a tattered old suit will make people think that the apocalypse has come! What’s about this Broken Zombiedoll Halloween Mask? This is a great cross between two Halloween favorites, a zombie and a possessed doll. Do you love ‘Game of Thrones’? Perhaps this ultra-high quality White Walker Silicone Mask will impress your friends and make you the center of your next Halloween party? Witches are timeless and classic Halloween costumes, but with this Green Witch Mask you will add a new dimension of fear and fright to this time tested and true costume.

Clowns, Clowns and More Clowns Horror Masks

What do you see? Clowns, clowns and more clowns? No ladies and gentlemen, we are not at the circus, and that means you should be scared. Scary clowns are what nightmares are made out of and fortunately for you, we stock a ton of spooky clown themed Halloween Masks. Green hair, blue hair, killer teeth and zombie clowns, we have it all.
The reason clowns can be so frightening is that they are such a familiar image when we are children, but there is something slightly off about their behavior. If you want a guaranteed fright from your friends, then we suggest you look into ordering a clown Horror Mask and matching it with a bloody clown costume. This Twisty the Clown Horror Mask is as evil as things get and this similar Evil Joker Premium Mask looks like the devil is about to do cartwheels. We understand that it is frightening just looking at these images and that is why we are so proud of our huge selection of Halloween Masks and creepy clown masks.
Do you have a box full of old Halloween Masks at home, but none of them are really right for this year? Then splurge a little bit and pick out a new Horror Mask that will completely revolutionize your costume. It’s amazing how a simple Halloween Mask can put you into character so quickly. From gruesome devil clowns to monsters, skeletons and creatures from beyond, let Horror-shop.com help you pick out the right Halloween Mask. Beware, these masks are guaranteed to scare your neighbors so use them responsibly, but have fun, turn heads and make a huge impression with your brand new mask this year!