Bendy and the Dark Revival Deluxe Child

$ 58.99
Child L (10 - 12)
  • Child L (10 - 12)  
  • Child XL (14 - 16)  
  • Child M (7 - 8)  
  • Child S (4 - 6)  

Product Details

You can Play as the latest version of Bendy, from Bendy and the Dark Revival Video Game! Bendy’s classy new look includes a Deluxe Jumpsuit with a stylish printed vest and striped pants, an attached ink-stained Bowtie, Ink-stained Cartoon Gloves, and a vacuform plastic Face Mask with Adjustable Elastic Strap. His traditional monochromatic scheme now has an eerie vintage yellowed look. What was once Bendy’s happy face, now looks cracked and broken. Photorealistic print covering the outfit and mask seems to pull Bendy off the screen for you to wear! Don’t miss that exciting feeling when you wear the latest character from Bendy and the Dark Revival. Hand wash with cold water, line dry. 100% Polyester.

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