Skeletons Carrying Coffin

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Skeletons Carrying Coffin
  • Skeletons Carrying Coffin  

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Thismacabre fun Skeleton Duo Carrying Coffin Propwill add an extra element of fright and make your party, haunted house, or Halloween display legendary! The 47-inch Plastic Coffin holds up to 85 pounds and is water-tight, making it perfect for filling with ice andbeverages, or filling with water and dry-ice to create a spooky look, or even using for apple-bobbing!Also great for filling with candy for your trick-or-treaters!The possibilities are endless. Two 5-Foot Tall Plastic Skeletons with poseable arms are at each end of the wood-look coffin, which has a removable drain plug, allowing for easy draining and cleaning. The Coffin is 8 inches deep, and the bottom sits 30 inches from the floor. The Metal Base hasReinforcing Steel Barsfor sturdy support. The metal base is 68 inches long and16 inches wide. The Coffin is 47 inches long and 17 1/2 inches at thewidest point.Can be used indoors or out.

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