Halloween Costumes, Masks, Makeup & Decoration

Halloween Costumes, Masks, Makeup & Decoration

Horror-Shop.com is the place to go if you need Halloween costumes, Halloween masks, Halloween decoration, or Halloween special FX makeup.


You want to throw a cool Halloween party, decorate your house like a graveyard or creepy carnival or create stunning special fx makeup? You will surely not only need a costume but also the right party decoration and accessories.


At Horror-Shop.com you will discover an amazing diversity of Halloween Costumes. There are costumes for menwomenchildrenbabies, and even dogs.


For an amazing Halloween party, you obviously will not only need a cool costume. Halloween Masks and Halloween Makeup are just as important. With a scary Halloween mask, you can get your masking done quicker as if you do your own Halloween makeup. In our online shop, you can get a wide range of Halloween masks and horror masks. Children can also wear those masks if they´re not too scary. Of course, if the mask is really scary and maybe bloody, it's more likely to be worn by an adult.


If you're a fan of doing your Halloween makeup yourself, you will find everything you need in our huge selection of Halloween & special fx makeup like prostheticsfake bloodmakeup kits, and liquid latex. There are nearly no limits set for creating your own amazing Halloween makeup.


Other than the perfect costume and makeup you´re also gonna need the perfect Costume Accessories. What is the scariest Halloween mask and the most beautiful cosplay costume without the right supplies?


At Horror-Shop.com you will find an enormous diversity of costume accessories and other parts for your costume. Just a few examples are Halloween wigs and beards, jewelry, toy weapons, Halloween teeth, tights, costume shoes, and Halloween glasses. You see, there´s almost nothing we don't have.


The last thing you might still be missing is the right Halloween Decorations. Especially when you throw a big party yourself it is extremely important that you decorate your party location with scary Halloween decorations & props. A cool Halloween decoration with cobwebs, pumpkins, witch's cauldrons, and scary ghost-lights will get kids in the right mood, while false Halloween body parts, meat axes, and a lot of fake blood are the perfect decoration for zombie fans and horror movie nerds.


We, the Horror-Shop.com team love Halloween and horror movies and have been there for our customers for over 30 years with a huge variety of Halloween products. The high quality of our products, our fast shipping as well as the friendly customer service, quick handling of returns and the many payment methods are just a few reasons why we are one of the top suppliers when it comes to witch costumes, costumes for pirates and corsairs, Halloween costume accessories and Halloween party decoration.