Brown Plague Doctor Mask

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Brown Plague Doctor Mask
  • Brown Plague Doctor Mask  

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This realistic Gothic Plague Doctor Full Face Death Mask is the perfect prop or decoration for a Dark Ages themed party. It can be used to dress up for a Masquerade or Halloween by men, women, girls and boys. It also makes a great bird costume. No matter if you are dressing up as a crow or a raven, this mask works for most black birds. This mask has embellishments, making it also perfect for any steampunk style costume. This real looking mask works well with a big long coat, a silver cane, a lantern, black top hats, a medical stick and a rope belt. It can also be used for a witch doctor costume. The beak nose on this costume was originally made to put herbs into so that the doctors didn't have to smell the reek of death. The thought in those days, that the bad smell carries the disease in it, and they didn't want to get infected as well. This mask is the perfect party prop with a Beauty and the Beast theme. Belle finds a mask like this when the beast takes her back in time to her parents’ home in Paris. This type of mask can be worn for costumes of the deity Baphomet. To dress up as him, you would need to wear this mask and a set of horns on your head. That can be a real creepy outfit for any youth or child. This mask is also educational and ideal for a classroom. It can be used to teach children of the ignorance of the people in bygone days.

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