Butler Animated

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Butler Animated
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Standing over 5 1/2Feet tall, the Lifesize Animated Elderly Butler and his pet Raven talk amongst themselves. He Greets you warmly with a Light-Up Candelabra in his hand and a tenacious Crow on his shoulder. The lights on the candles flicker like real flames as the Crow, covered in a feathery soft plush material, flaps its wings with glowing Red LED eyes. Staring blankly at you, the Old Man's Mouth moves with each word causing his springy head to have a realistic palsied shake. The Arms of the Butler are fully Adjustable for a variety of Poses to best suit your needs. Assembly is simple with the illustrated step by step instructions included and an Easy Assembly video that can be viewed online anytime. To activate, set the switch on his back to one of 2 Activation Modes. The first mode employs a Step-Here Pad to be used when guests are close byand the Second uses Infra-Red Motion Activation when they are farther away.

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