Classic Bendy Dark Revival Child Classic

$ 46.99
Teen (14 - 16)
  • Child LG (10 - 12)  
  • Teen (14 - 16)  
  • Child MD (7 - 8)  
  • Child S (4 - 6)  

Product Details

Be reborn in Terror and Play as the latest iteration of Bendy, from Bendy and the Dark Revival Video Game! Bendy’s classy new look includes a Black Jumpsuit with a stylish printed 2 button vest, an attached ink-stained Bowtie, Cartoon Gloves, and a vacuform Face Mask with Adjustable Elastic Strap. His traditional monochromatic look now has a eerie vintage yellow tinge. What was once Bendy’s happy face, now is cracked and broken. Photorealistic print covering the outfit and mask seemingly pulls Bendy off the screen for you to wear. Don’t miss the heart pounding suspense you’ll feel as the latest character from, Bendy and the Ink Machine & Bendy and the Dark Revival. Outwit the Ink machine and hand wash with cold water if you get stained.

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