DVD Spiders Snakes & Bats

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DVD Spiders Snakes & Bats
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This is the 10 Year Anniversary re-release of the Spiders and Snakes Video Effects Digital Dcor Video! Some effects allow you to create 3D projections onto the floor with stunning realism - using the Virtual 3D process FX artist Jon Hyers developed on a museum project in Russia. Many revisions were made to the original content of this popular DVD made and sold since 2008. Significant differences: A high end diverse function Digital Compositor allowed inches key inches using the cement floor background behind Real Sna and Spiders which was filmed without green screen [in 2008 they were filmed on cement.] Rats are also layered the same way. The Tarantula filmed on white became dozens of spiders! Contains 30 FX scenes!!! Most of the original effects are still in this product. Video FX for Halloween! No license required for Commercial Attractions.© 2011 Jon Hyers Video.

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