DVD Virtual Santa

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DVD Virtual Santa
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Virtual Santa DVD has been featured on England's inchesKing Christmas Lights show inches and on ABC's The Great Christma Light Fight show 2013 - 2015! Now you can have this special effect right in your own home! Just play it on your DVD player that is plugged into a video projector or large television screen and Santa appears in your window! You will need a white screen that fits your window for projecting the images. From the street view in front of your house you see Santa come into the room with his bag of presents unload them under the tree then eat milk and cookies and leave after a few moments. To repeat the actions over and over again, just turn on the inchesrepeat chapter inches functio remote control. (Possible if your player has a repeat chapter function.) Great unique house decor for your holiday festivities! The Santa Sequence is 6 minutes 30 seconds, from the time Santa arrives until he leaves at the very end. Then this repeats a few times on each DVD, and the customer would use their Remote Control for the Player to LOOP the playback of the Santa Chapter.

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