Genie In The Lamp Costume

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Genie In The Lamp Costume
  • Genie In The Lamp Costume  

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Girls won't be able to resist rubbing your lamp so you can grant their three wishes!, This hilarious costume will be the hit of the party and everyone one will want to take pictures with you! It will build rapport with new people instantly--who doesn't want to find a genie, even if it's not quite the G-rated genie you had in mind. This adult themed costume includes a green fez hat with gold detail, matching green vest, gold cuffs and gold genie lamp with the words, inchesRub Me! inches printed strategically across the the lamp with newspaper or clothes for a stiff lamp!, This adult costume is easy to wear, hopefully interactive and a notch above the rest in the adult funny category! One size fits most up to 6 ft 3 inches, waist 38-44 inches.

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