Ice Nokk Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

$ 64.99
Ice Nokk Adaptive Wheelchair Cover
  • Ice Nokk Adaptive Wheelchair Cover  

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Take a Ride in Elsa’s Mythical Ice Horse, Nokk from Disney’s Frozen 2, and Give a make-over to most any wheelchair. Nokk’s Graphically Printed Cartoon Design is Styled after the Powerful Water Spirit that Guides Elsa on Her Quest. Easily Create an immersive experience around your child, turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary! Its fully open front allows for both Simple Accessibility and Clear Visibility while covering either side of the carriage. Assembling the Light-weight ride is a Smooth Straight forward process that includes step by step instructions. Includes 2 felt car pieces and 6 support bars (2 extra large, 4 large).

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