Lament Box Accessory - Hellraiser

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Lament Box Accessory - Hellraiser
  • Lament Box Accessory - Hellraiser  

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Feel like capturing the souls of your victims and punishing them for all eternity? Us too. Follow our lead and check out The Lament Box which is a magnificent magical puzzle box with intricate designs appearing in the Hellraiser horror movie franchise as the key plot element. Supposedly built to bring enchantment and endless pleasure to all who possess it, it is, in truth, a cursed item from the Hellraiser series of books and films. In all incarnations the Lament Configuration acts as an interdimensional gateway for the demons known as the Cenobites and their leader, Pinhead, to enter the human world in order to torture whoever had opened it. Subsequently, the puzzle box also acts as a prison of sorts for the unfortunate recipients of the cursed Item. Plastic.
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