Men's Walker Boots #130 - Black

$ 131.99
Men's Shoe S (8 - 9)
  • Men's Shoe L (12 - 13)  
  • Men's Shoe M (10 - 11)  
  • Men's Shoe S (8 - 9)  
  • Men's Shoe XL (14)  

Product Details

Get ready to take on the galaxy with these imposing adult boots! Boots are made from a shiny black faux-leather and have a ribbed front panel with three horizontal straps. These sturdy knee-high boots have a thick rubber sole with lug tread and a full-length zipper on the inner leg. Also great for adult superhero boots! Black polyurethane upper. Give these boots a try-NO! There is no try. There is only wear them, or wear them not!

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