Pumpkin Fire Log

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Pumpkin Fire Log
  • Pumpkin Fire Log  

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This 100% stoneware Jack O'Lantern Fire Log is designed to be placed in your gas fireplace again and again with little or no change in its appearance! Set thispumpkin onyour gas or electric fire and you will have everyone stopping to take a peak. This Pumpkin Fire Logcan be used as part of your fall autumn décor and adds aspecial spooky effect to your gas fire. Jack O'Lantern is made of fire-safe stoneware to decorate your firepit. Best if used with a gas fire pit or gas fireplace. This is not intended for use to fuel a fire, it is for decoration purposes only. Item will become extremely hot once in or near the fire, let it cool completely before touching.This Jack O'Lantern Fire Log measures 8” L x 7.5” W x 7.5” T.

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