Reaper Biker Tattoo FX

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Reaper Biker Tattoo FX
  • Reaper Biker Tattoo FX  

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A hooded Grim Reaper holds his scythe in one hand and an 8-ball in the other in this classic biker-style tattoo. Made with the highest quality materials for a super-realistic look!  Designed and created by Hollywood makeup artists and used in countless film and television projects. All our temporary tattoos are non-toxic. Use with caution if you have very sensitive skin though. Easy to apply with warm water on clean, oi-free skin in minutes. To apply a tattoo, check out the How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo page. Removes with scotch tape, baby oil, or soap & water. See the instructions to walk you through How to Remove a Temporary Tattoo page.

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