Rising Dead Digital Decor

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Rising Dead Digital Decor
  • Rising Dead Digital Decor  

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The Rising Dead Digital Decor is a feature-filled video effects package with 40 scenes giving you many choices and variations for Halloween decorating! Designed to be projected on a screen covering your front window the videos may also be projected on a movie screen or wall. Up to 100 Skeletons blast out of the ground in dust and fire out of graves and appear to crawl across your window glass into view. You get skeletons for projecting on gravestones, scenes on white that allow you to project on a wall, and skeletons with shadows behind them. Includes a couple of bonus footage effects with Skeletons on bridges for a Fantasy Dungeon look! Skeletons also come with room backgrounds, fire backgrounds, and black backgrounds. Selections include very wide view scenes and close-up scenes, with varieties designed to fit all window sizes, even very large movie screens. Includes select vertical scenes [flipped sideways] for thin windows. Your next Halloween gathering will be the most popular on the block, with The Rising Dead Digital Decor.

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