The Killer Injection Mask - The Purge

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The Killer Injection Mask - The Purge
  • The Killer Injection Mask - The Purge  

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This guy needs some sun, wouldn't you say? It might make him a little happier if he got some vitamin D. This officially licensed Anarchy Killer Mask is designed for the movie The Purge. The injectable molded plastic used to make this mask allowed all the details to detail come to life. The pale skin, blackened painted eyes , stitched mouth and the upside down cross brings the authenticity home. This is a Purger who means business. This easy to wear mask, securely fits your face by the attached band located from ear to ear behind your head. This makes it easy to remove. Slip it on and purge your family of all their Halloween Treats.© Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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