Tootsie Roll Tank Dress

$ 29.99
Child (4 - 6)
  • Child (4 - 6)  
  • Child (7 - 10)  

Product Details

Sweet, fun and creative-if those are the words you want associated with your daughter';s Halloween costume, then the child';s Tootsie Roll tank dress is the way to go! Who doesn';t love this classic candy? The child costume features a polyester tank dress in the iconic brown, red and white color scheme and detailed with a ruffled hem, Tootsie Roll logo screen print, and matching wrapper headband. Easy and comfortable to wear-- simply slip on the dress and off she goes to Trick-or Treat for some real candy! This Tootsie Roll dress is adorable solo or paired with a group all dressed up as their favorite candies! .Trademarks used under license from Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. All right reserved worldwide. © 2017 TR Brands.

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