Tootsie Roll Tunic Child Costume

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Tootsie Roll Tunic Child Costume
  • Tootsie Roll Tunic Child Costume  

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Just ROLL with it! Roll in to your next Halloween party or event wearing the Tootsie Roll Tunic, Child Size 7-10 costume! Everyone loves a Tootsie Roll and now you too can be one of the most iconic candies in American history! Why not make it a family affair?! The Tootsie Roll Tunic Costume is also Make it a family affair and wear matching costumes in your next festival or big event! Officially licensed by Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. to Rasta Imposta. Check for sewn-in tags for authenticity. This Tootsie Roll Tunic Child Size 7-10 Halloween costume is constructed of a polyfoam front and polyknit back to easily pull over-the-head tunic. Fits most children sizes 7-10. Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester. Hand wash inside out. Air dry. Freshen with steamer or cool iron.

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