Visitor Adult Mask

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Visitor Adult Mask
  • Visitor Adult Mask  

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Visitor is a durable mask made from high quality, safe and environmentally friendly latex. Transform your self into an inhuman other worldly being that feeds on fear. The Alien has a strangely sculpted face with wide eyes and a paint job that is not only lifelong but exessively impresive aswell. Incredible unnatural flesh tones are imaculately painted by proffessionals to provide the most realistic look possible. Ventilation holes are designed to allow users to see and breathe keeping comfortably in mind. Completly immerse yourself in a creatively creepy mask that completly covers your entire head. No doubt you and others will get a kick out of an out of this unique extraterrestrial lifeform and find endless ways to use or display it, so come try it for yourself! 

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